Educational Programs

Students Program

Schedule of the educational activities dedicated to students attending the last years of high school for which a certificate of attendance is issued. Those activities can be realized as work-related learning programs. Read More »

Teachers’ programs

The National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) is considered by the Italian law (art. 1 comma 2, D.M. 177 del 10/7/2000) a qualified subject for the training and education of school staff, just like University, IRRSAE and C.U. (Consorzi Universitari and interuniversitari) The National Laboratory of Frascati (INFN-LNF) organizes refresher courses for high school teachers from all over Italy, aimed ... Read More »

Educational Seminars

Every year the National Laboratory of Frascati offers a programme of Educational Seminars, addressed to students, teachers and general public. According to the availability of the LNF researchers, meetings in schools, libraries and local institutions are organized. It’s possible to agree with the applicant organizations on the topics of the seminars, according to their specific interests. Possible topics for a ... Read More »