2018 Science Afternoons

It will start on the 30th of January the 2018 edition of Science Afternoons, dissemination seminars periodically organized at Laboratory of Frascati and addressed to students, teachers and general public. These meetings involve INFN-LNF researchers but also guests representing many other disciplines and are conceived as valuable opportunities to discuss the most up-to-date topics of Modern and Contemporary Physics.
The new series of dates will begin with an introductory lesson on cosmic muons, elementary particles whose peculiar physical characteristics are at the basis of the so-called muon radiography. Professor Giulio Saracino, teaching Physics at the University of Naples Federico II, will provide an overview of the various applications of this efficient investigation technique, ranging from archaeology to volcanology. Throughout the seminar, a special attention will be paid to those activities that are carried out in collaboration with INFN.

Of interest for general public, students and teachers of scientific disciplines

Find out more about the 30th January event: http://edu.lnf.infn.it/vulcani-piramidi-e-sottosuolo-i-muoni-cosmici-ci-permettono-di-svelare-i-loro-segreti/


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF