INSPYRE 2023 – Fafone

Frascati,  March  27 – 31 , 2023

From Quarks to Black Holes: let’s get INSPYRED!

Exploring the Universe with gravitational radiation: where we come from and where we’re going – V. Fafone (Univ. Tor Vergata, Rome)

The era of gravitational wave astrophysics started in 2015 and represented a unique breakthrough toward the investigation of the Universe from a completely new observational window, complementary to the traditional astronomy. We will review the scientific outcomes from the first three observing runs of the gravitational wave interferometers Virgo and LIGO and the perspectives of the field in the forthcoming years.

Viviana Fafone

Graduated in Physics cum laude in 1991. Research scientist of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) atthe Frascati National Laboratories from 1994 to 2005. Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at theUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata since 2005

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