INSPYRE 2023 – Ripani

Frascati,  March  27 – 31 , 2023

From Quarks to Black Holes: let’s get INSPYRED!

Nuclear energy from fission and fusion: an overview – M. Ripani (INFN-Genova)

In the lecture, the main concepts in the field of nuclear energy will be covered, illustrating the main aspects and technical challenges of radioactivity, fission and fusion processes and practical use of nuclear energy. The worldwide situation in the use of this energy source will be briefly illustrated, as well as the topics of safety, environmental impact and sustainability.

Marco Ripani

Marco Ripani is research director at the Genova Section of INFN. He has been working for several years on fundamental nuclear physics. In the last decade, he was first an active member and then coordinator of the “INFN Energy” project on applications of nuclear technologies to nuclear waste management, safety, advanced fission reactors and fusion and he still is a member of the program committee of INFN Energy. Currently he represents Italy in the Euratom-Fission Program Committee and in the Committee of experts on art. 37 of the Euratom Treaty on the transmission of information relating to nuclear installations. He is also a member of the Energy Working Group of ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures)